Installing Cognos Command Center 10.2 FP1 with Oracle Upgrade Notes

Upgrading from Cognos Command Center (CCC) 10.2 to 10.2 FP1 with an Oracle repository is relatively easy, but please keep these notes in mind: 

  1. 10.2 FP1 requires an upgrade to the Windows Oracle 12c client.  Please download from this location:
  2. The Windows CCC installer uses the 32 bit flavor of the Windows Oracle 12c client but the running CCC Server uses the 64 bit flavor of the Windows Oracle 12c client.  As such, the installer must be able to find the Windows 32 bit Oracle libraries during the install or the installation will fail.  The easiest way to do this is the following:
    1. Install the Windows Oracle 12c 32 bit client.
    2. Install CCC 10.2 FP1 upgrade.  The installation wizard will default to the option to start the CCC services.  Be sure to uncheck this option per the example below:
    3. Once the installation is complete, install the Windows Oracle 12c 64 bit client.

3. Manually start the CCC Services from the Windows Services Manager.

Alternatively, install both the Windows Oracle 12c 32 bit and 64 bit clients and update the system PATH environment variable to ensure that the 32 bit client is before the 64 bit client during the installation of CCC.  After the installation of CCC is complete, then reverse the order so that the 64 bit client is before the 32 bit client.