Changing Cognos Command Center Queue Address when a Direct IP Address is Required

Regularly non-Windows platforms such as Linux servers need to communicate with Windows servers, and a direct IP address is required versus a Windows server name (i.e. “machine name”).  When this is the case, the Cognos Command Center (CCC) Queue needs to be updated.   Here are the instructions how to perform this operation:

  1. Open up the CCC Administrative Console  and choose Tools à System Configuration à Queue.  Update the External URI address and replace the Windows Server name with a direct IP address.


2. Connect to the Windows Server hosting the CCC Server.
3. Stop the CCC Service, CCC Queue and CCC Agent.
4. Find the root directory where CCC is installed and open the “Server” directory (i.e. : C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Cognos Command Center\Common\apache-activemq-5.8.0\conf).
5. For backup purposes, make a copy of the file “activemq.xml”.
6. Find the tag “transportConnectors” and replace the machine name with the direct IP address.

7. Save the file and restart the Services. 
8. Reconnect to the IBM Cognos Command Center and open each Agent and test the connection.