Enhanced Automation for BI/PM applications

IBM® Cognos® Command Center provides enhanced automation specifically designed for BI/PM applications. It provides a large library of tasks and configurations options that are imperative to managing and running BI/PM applications. It reduces complex code and helps to more easily sequences across multiple platforms and applications, while understanding the requirements and challenges of a finance system environments and its users.

Key Benefits

BI/PM awareness—recognize BI/PM application or process requirements and use functionality like audit log monitoring, start and stop services, pre-and post task actions, data validating, report bursting and more. 

Workflow orchestration—sequence sophisticated task flows for multiple computing platforms and applications.  Work with in-house scheduling technology including CA AutoSys, BMC Control-M, IBM Tivoli® and UC4.

Reduced custom coding—reduce the complexity of custom coding with predefined libraries of functions.

Centralized control and compliance—increase control and visibility to see who ran what, where, when and how. Have a central automation repository that provides security-rich application and data automation source control, lifecycle management (LCM) and an audit trail for  automation compliance.

Self-service automation—give business users greater control  and reduce the need for IT intervention. View and run processes on an ad hoc or scheduled basis, and diagnose exceptions.

Automation for cloud-based applications—make cloud and on-premise seamless from an application perspective. Run on IBM SmartCloud,  Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Oracle On Demand.

Implementation and ease use—enjoy a short implementation and ease of use for  virtually instant user satisfaction.


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